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Sunni Dawate Islami is an international, non-political and purely socio-religious movement. It promotes the propagation of the true beliefs of Islam under the teaching of the true sect of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jama'ah,Through encouraging the blessed Sunnahs of the Beloved Messenger (Peace and Blessings be upon them) it aims to light the beacon of love.

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Annual International Congregation (ijtema)

Praise to Allah Almighty, each year Sunni Dawate Islami organizes an Annual Sunni Islamic Congregation, at Azaad Maidan, Mumbai India.This congregation is attended by about 300,000 people from India and across the Globe.

Social Work

Sunni Dawate Islami on different occasions donates Food, Blanket and Clothes, to the less fortunate’s, and also performs the relief activities in the events of Natural Disasters in India.

Milad un Nabi ﷺ Celebration

Every year during the auspicious occasion of Milad Un Nabi, Sunni Dawate Islami organises the Procession (Julus) in Mumbai to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ.

Educational Visits (Qafila)

One of the important aspect of Sunni Dawate Islami is the Islamic Educational Visits (Qafila). The Islamic Brothers (Muballegheen) visits neighboring towns in groups along with other Sunni brothers, where they spend the entire day getting educated about the basics of Islam.

Intellectual Guidance

Intellectual wing (IW) of Sunni Dawate Islami is comprised of Professionals who are Masters in their respective fields, they organize Career EXPO’s to guide students from different streams towards the right career path, IW also organizes Seminars where Scholars from across the Globe address current Socio-economical issues and means to overcome them.


We also have a mobile stall where we stock books, audio/CD speeches in English and Urdu, Naats, qira'ats are also available, along with items like: miswaks, Itr (perfume oil), stickers, pens and much more.

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