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شَوَّال‎ ٧ ١٤٤٥

Namaz Course for Ladies

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Salah is defined as the act of offering prayers to Allah . Literally translated, salah can mean prayer or supplication and is generally considered the act of worshipping Allah ; an act which is specifically mentioned in the Holy Qur’an with a variety of rules and guidelines surrounding it.


  • Sharait e Namaz
  • Taharat, Satr e Aurat,Waqt,Qibla,Niyat
  • Wazu,Ghusl,Istinja
  • Wajibaat e Namaz
  • Faraiz e Namaz
  • Namaz fasid karne wali chize
  • Sajda e sahu
  • Qaza Namaz
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